ARTE X Studio COllect

ARTE ANTWERP and STUDIO COLLECT teamed up and designed a series of jewelry pieces.

Inspiration to this collection was the house of the late Spanish sculptor Xavier Corberó, a concrete labyrinth of rhythmic shapes and arches. The structure shows a contrast between a certain brightness and openness on one hand, and the use of heavy materials on the other. It’s the poetry emerging from this architectural construction that was translated in their work.

You'll often find the U-shape and the contrast between massive forms and light compositions throughout this collection, which mainly consists of rings. Rather coarse designs referring to the rough composition of Corbero’s home, underline the unisex appearance of this range.

Along with a few minimal creations, some remarkable statement pieces such as a brooch and one exceptional ring, embellished with an onyx stone, are included.

Every piece is handcrafted in sterling silver and also available in a gold plated version.

The main ambition in this collaboration was for both brands to stay true to their own concepts, yet find a way to unify their taste in aesthetics in the form of well-balanced designs that appeal to both audiences.