Images by  Lien Sledsens

Back in the days everyday objects were often transformed into jewels by adorning them with gems and engraving them with textures; think of vintage lighters, match holders, makeup and jewelry boxes in precious materials. High End houses such as Cartier and S.T. Dupont have a rich heritage in manufacturing these type of extraordinary pieces. Especially the idea of engraving lines or check patterns on the surface of an otherwise simple object to give it a classy appearance fascinated Studio Collect. The lead role goes to the different textures and patterns in “Crafted & Carved”, a jewelry collection dedicated to those treasured everyday objects. The collection exudes a smart and sophisticated elegance by combining traditional craftsmanship with stones in an earth tone color pallet of different shades of soft pink, green, orange, warm grey and light blue. Cartier describes their luxury goods as faithful companions, and that is exactly how Studio Collect sees every piece in their collection. 

Collection 2018 - 2019