Images by  Lien Sledsens

Inspiration from industry on one hand and nature on the other formed the base for this collection. Dark colored horn and semi precious stones such as aventurine, amazonite and aquamarine arouse associations with distinct colors we can find in certain landscapes. Fresh, light water shades combined with dark and warm earth tones form the color pallet of their latest series. In contrast with these materials, the visual language of their designs is inspired by mechanical elements. This subtle industrial aspect can be found through the use of elements such as screw thread, bolts, screws, tubes, and so on… In some pieces these components are quite explicit and recognizable, in others they are integrated in a more sophisticated and refined way. Like in a machine, where every single part, small or large, has it’s duty to make the bigger whole function; constructed and calibrated with technical in-sights and creativity, is how every piece of jewelry was designed in a search for the right proportions and balance. By fusing these contrasts and materials they have created a dynamic grey zone between mechanics and nature.

Collection 2016 - 2017