Ninety degrees

Images by  Lien Sledsens

In Ninety Degrees, we discover Studio Collects fascination for stairs and everything stacked, rhythmic and linear.

Stairs in all shapes & sizes, but always in a 90° angle, are the main element of the memorial site, Brion Cemetery, designed by Carlo Scarpa. This astonishing, open-air monument was realized in the 70s near Treviso, Italy.  Some parts of the structure are left open to allow nature to interact with the construction. Plants find their way in and several water features create a peaceful, quiet and serene atmosphere. Enormous, brutalist looking stairs and volumes casted in concrete, cover the floors and continue on the walls, in corners and on ceilings. Interesting about this, is that the mere functional purpose of these stairs is transformed into something more poetic and symbolic. Despite their massive and mythical appearance, there is something elegant about these stacked, repeating shapes and the rhythmic shadow play that goes along with it. Elegant, yet brutalist; a contrast worthy of a jewelry line according to Studio Collect. A few chunky pieces are alternated with more modest and delicate designs in this jewelry collection. There is always a nod to Scarpa’s work, sometimes in an explicit way and other times only in the details. The color scheme in Studio Collects latest tale is dominated by variations of deep reds and rich greens.

Collection FW 2019