studio collect for duvel

IMG_3904 2.jpg

Studio Collect has taken on the challenge to design a pair of earrings inspired by the characteristic curves of the iconic Duvel glass. By tracing the contours of the upper part of the glass, it is reduced to the pure essence of its form. By then cutting this outline into equal, symmetrical parts, they have conceived two abstract shapes that, when joined together clearly represent the quintessential Duvel glass. 

In this way, they balance on the thin line between the abstract and the recognizable. Yet, what makes these Duvelish earrings truly distinguishable, is that they are asymmetrical. One side is a full flat surface whereas the other half is an empty outline, representing a full and an empty glass. Lastly, these brass earrings are gold-plated with a layer of yellow gold, similar to the rich golden shade of a chilled glass of Duvel.