Images by  Lien Sledsens

In Villa Fragmentum we are taken on a tour through various art deco & modernistic villas. In the first part of the 20th century architects such as Robert Mallet-Stevens and Le Corbusier designed a number of buildings in which modernity and functionality were the main focus. Repetitive shapes and well-balanced proportions led to serenity and efficiency. Ornaments were stripped of redundant decorative details and reduced to pure and clean shapes. This ideology of rhythm, simplicity and harmonious proportions is what inspired Studio Collect to create a series of jewelry pieces that breathe the atmosphere of these architectural gems. A mostly black and white color palette of onyx, pearls and mother of pearl is occasionally interrupted by agate in dark green shades. Even though the overall appearance is powerful and slightly masculine, many pieces are quite refined and delicate, bringing a more feminine side to the story. Villa Fragmentum is an ode to modernism and art deco architecture in the form of a sophisticated jewelry collection. 

Collection 2017 - 2018